August 2015



how they entangle, intertwine

with one another

with the space they occupy

they meet, touch, tied together,

they coincide, and wait

until the place they did not make

but only they made visible

is recognized.


window sill, seat, frame

the depth within the wall

intermediate space

between inside and out

to sit and let pass

the people passing by

the rain outside, the talking, the rush

the carrying of models,

the people who discuss


one person’s niche,

between inside and out

space larger than oneself,

too high to reach the ceiling even standing


and they, the battens

show the dimensions of the very building,

of the other windows,

of their height, their depth, their frames


and they, the battens

they make visible while remaining open

they entangle, intertwine

and open the gaze and frames

of us passing by


KH, in response to "The Aedicule"
Temporary installations at the faculty of architecture, TU Delft
June 2015, msc2 studio, chair of The Architecture of the Interior