January 2015

5 years ago

my life weighed 26 kilograms

and fit the 50 x 34 x 81 centimeters of a suitcase

which travelled the full 8,809 kilometers that landed me here

on that cold, cold 27thof January

2,010, in the Gregorian calendar


my weight, my age, my height

the exact amount of currency I held

and the expiry date of my residence permit

were carefully recorded



exactly 650 meters away

from the 2ndstory

40m2 studio

(door number 132)

in which I’ve lived for the past 4 years

the future’s promise is laid-out on 60 square meters

2 stories, an attic

2 windows and a door in the front

a 3.08 x 1.65 kitchen

and a 6m3 van to move my stuff


unlike the cabalist

i ignore

if the grand product of all these numbers means something


but my hope knows no measure


Jorge Meija Hernandez