ever the same edges


October 2014

between land and water
between dancing and falling
between dream and thought
between now and later and then

on ever these same edges
we write and build
because the lines, inescapably
own us as we own them

through our lines new places grow
as saturated and open as our minds
extending our lives, infinitely
we live them twice

both where we are
and where we imagine
both who we are
and dream to be

in our thoughtful games
we balance, as Andreus,
"on the edge of now and later and then
because we could not, and did not want to do anything else
and we had to live, we called out for life"


from the Dutch poet Hans Andreus:
"herinner mij. ik heb mij neergeschreven
op de rand van nu en daarna en toen
omdat ik niet anders kon, wilde doen,
en ik leven moest, het uitriep van leven."

De sonnetten van de kleine waanzin, 1957