flour factory


May 2014

behind that rusty door, small steps lead to an open space where light enters through broken windows full of dust.

they walk here, silently. through filtered light they hear the former voices of daily labour. former footsteps on a floor. in numbers on concrete, in writings on the floor, in rusty rails, they find traces of activity. this has all ended years ago.

it has ended, for now, for them to start. young architects, tracing atmospheres, imagining: a large window, a view over the city, an entresol, a desk to write, a wooden floor, a curtain, a bar somewhere, a classroom, stairs, an opening, a door. behind that door new life begins.




On April 29, 2014, TU Delft students explored the atmosphere of the former flour factory in Leiden in a masterclass with Juhani Pallasmaa. Photo's by Hans Teerds.

Klaske Havik