dialects of grey*


March 2014


behind the blueish/green scaffolding screen

an exchange unfolds

within a variation on a theme


the stucco facade    RAL 7047    (telegrau 4)

the window-frames    Mahoni wood stained 7101    (clear)

the interior doorframe, shop    RAL 7045    (telegrau 2)

the interior doors, shop    RAL 7047    (telegrau 4)

ceilings and interior walls    RAL 9003    (signalweiß)

the interior doors and frames, apartment     RAL 9010    (reinweiß)


this trade house

will sustain

as two separate entities

*the title is borrowed from the Swedish poet and 2011 Nobel Prize Winner Tomas Transströmer, who writes in his poem ‘The open window’;

Flew low over the summer

So many things I liked, have they any weight?

Dozens of dialects of green

And especially the red of the wooden house walls.


source: the great enigma, Tomas Transströmer, New Directions Book, New York, 2006


Mark Proosten