he myself


May 2013


he myself

„If freedom you defend, honor or restrict, within yourself you shall find“

The memorial for victims of communism in Liberec is a simple black polished “space odyssey like” box designed by young studio Sporadical. If you come closer to explore this strange object, you will see just your own reflection and those words below.

It’s just a mirror with a sign.

When I was a kid I would grab a mirror and put it in front of my dog. I was keen to know if he realizes what he sees is he himself. I think he never did.  I kept repeating this experiment again and again probably because I felt I myself was robbed of this experience.

Even though it must be a revelative moment, we don’t remember seeing ourselves for the first time. With age, looking to a mirror becomes the most ordinary thing to do, or not do, before you leave your apartment. Framed with toothpastes and only natural shampoos,  it‘s almost miraculous nature disappears completely.

The memorial recognizes this „mirror magic“ and for a second reveals it back for you.

Who am I, am I good or bad, brave or cowardly? What am I like? What would I do?

Only then you can try to understand.


Tadeas Riha