on the roof


June 2013


They laugh, talk, drink, smoke, looking at the slowly darkening sky over Tallinn at midnight. Young architects, graduated today, looking at the city in which they will operate: intervening, restoring, inventing, revealing old structures and new potential. They will come with solutions to connect the city to its waterfront, to revitalize the Soviet time suburbs, they will build new schools and houses, libraries and sport rooms. They may move, some time, work abroad, but they will have this in common: this small school, embedded in the city and in the architecture community. They have worked in its studios, they have had discussions with their tutors, architects intensely engaged with the city. They have worked on Tallinn's harbor, on its streets and its suburbs, they have learned to express their ideas in words, drawings and models, they have had their moments of despair and of invention, they have met each other, their future colleagues and friends, they have grown in this school and reached its roof. They are a future.




Klaske Havik