Puppy love


November 2012

He met her when he was 16. Love at first sight, no, it was not. The first meeting went rather stiff. It was autumn, the streets were covered with orange and yellow colored leaves. The wind was bleak and the clouds were gray. She looked pretty rained out.

Time went on, and their paths crossed more and more often. She turned out to be witty, charming and cheerful. And full of surprises. Whenever he thought to know her, he discovered something new. He couldn't get enough of her.

They enjoyed their moments together. Sitting on the quay, watching the shimmering water. The nightly walks with the sounds of the church bells in the distance. Delightful lying in the sun in the park, amid of all spring fever. Head over heels.

But the summer was coming to an end and the trees colored orange and yellow again. Uneasiness began to itch. She was so sweet and modest, but was it what he was looking for? The world is so big. Who knows what awaits him there?

He had made his decision. He looked back at her one more time. Then he got on the train and told the city goodbye.


Laura Theng