Detection of novel Lipid II-targeting antibiotics from fungi


  • Irene Zaalberg Utrecht University



Antibiotics, Lipid II, fungi, resistance


Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is one of the biggest
threats to global health today. Therefore, there is a pressing
need for new antibiotics. In this study, we examined four
fungal strains for novel Lipid II-targeting antibiotic
compounds. To do this, we analyzed fungus-extracted
fractions by antibacterial activity assays in which Lipid II
was included to detect antagonism, TLC and LC-MS. We
identified eighteen Lipid II-targeting active fractions.
Further purification and characterization of one active
compound suggested a hydrophobic nature and a
corresponding m/z value of 805 or 1300. Further research
should elucidate the structure of the compound.

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