Cowabunga Cowtastrophe: An empirical research on the influence of fear appeal and collective efficacy on consumption intentions and preferences towards


  • Angela Low University of Amsterdam



Persuasive environmental message, fear appeal, meatconsumption, climate change, preference towards meat


This paper investigated if fear levels in persuasive
meat and level of intentions to reduce weekly meat
consumption, and whether perceived collective efficacy
moderates this effect. An online experiment was conducted
among 182 meat-eating participants with either a low or high
perceived collective efficacy. A 3 (level of fear appeal: no
vs. low vs. high) x 2 (level of collective efficacy: low vs.
high) between-subjects design was used. Results showed
that high levels of fear do not necessarily translate to higher
levels of preference towards meat and intentions to reduce
weekly consumption of meat.

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