The Weakest Link

Degradation of a weld through interaction with hydrogen


  • Jonas Cop Ghent University
  • Charlot Depestel Ghent University
  • Nathalie Saikali Ghent University
  • Sharon Temmerman Ghent University
  • Dorien Zeebroek Ghent University



Welding; hydrogen-induced cracking


This work evaluates the effect of hydrogen on welds in martensitic steels. In-situ constant-load tensile testing of a weld of HB450 steel shows that hydrogen-induced cracks appear in the filler material, which is capable of trapping the highest amount of hydrogen, as indicated by thermal desorption spectroscopy (TDS). Further crack propagation takes place in the part of the heat affected zone (HAZ) with the highest hardness.

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Cop, J., Depestel, C., Saikali, N., Temmerman, S., & Zeebroek, D. (2019). The Weakest Link: Degradation of a weld through interaction with hydrogen. Student Undergraduate Research E-Journal!, 5, 1–4.