Insulin sensitivity and fat mass in young male sedentary adults


  • Gereon Hecht Maastricht University
  • Esther Phielix Maastricht University
  • Yvo Op den Kamp Maastricht University
  • Joris Hoeks Maastricht University



Obesogenic environment, insulin sensitivity, sedentary, athletes, body fat mass.


We live in an obesogenic environment, spending a lot of time sitting neglecting physical activity. This study aims to determine the impact of a sedentary lifestyle on insulin sensitivity by comparing insulin sensitivity of healthy athletes and sedentary subjects. Twelve athletes and 12 sedentary subjects underwent a two-step hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp test to assess insulin sensitivity and a DEXA scan to assess body fat mass. Insulin sensitivity was significantly lower in sedentary subjects (p=0.009) and fat mass negatively correlated with insulin sensitivity (r=-0.57, p=0.005). This study shows that healthy sedentary subjects have an impaired insulin metabolism compared to trained athletes.

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Hecht, G., Phielix, E., Op den Kamp, Y., & Hoeks, J. (2018). Insulin sensitivity and fat mass in young male sedentary adults. Student Undergraduate Research E-Journal!, 4.



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