Researching the stability of CaO from different precursors under varying absorption times


  • Myron Plugge University of Twente
  • Guido Giammaria University of Twente
  • Leon Lefferts University of Twente


CaO was prepared from three different precursors (calcium carbonate, calcium L-ascorbate, calcium D-gluconate). The samples were calcined at four different temperatures (750 °C, 800 °C, 850 °C, 900 °C) and those with the highest internal surface area were chosen for use within the absorption/desorption cycle research.
Of the synthetised samples the one prepared from calcium carbonate and calcined at 850 °C had the highest internal surface area (34,54 m2/g). Of the samples which underwent different adsorption cycles the ascorbate sample seemed to benefit most from shorter absorption cycles, increasing its projected long-term performance from 20,5% to an impressive 97,1%.


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