Vol. 2 No. 2: Energy Innovation #3

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Thematic issue:
3TU.BOUW Lighthouse projects 2015

Three Dutch Universities of Technology decided to collaborate as 3TU.Bouw Center of Excellence for the Built Environment. This issue of SPOOL is dedicated to the so-called lighthouse projects that were selected based on the 3TU.BOUW Lighthouse call 2015.

‘Lighthouse projects’ aim at promoting and starting up imaginative research projects that are related to the theme ‘Energy and the Built Environment’, delivering tangible results like demo's, mock-ups, prototypes, test runs, lab environments and so on.

7 projects / xx pages
E-ISSN 2215-0900

Issue editors
Ir. Siebe Bakker, bureaubakker Delft
Dr.ir. Frank van der Hoeven, TU Delft

Published: 2015-12-31