Call for abstracts: Off-Earth Infrastructure


Sending humans to Moon and Mars in the near future requires appropriate infrastructure to support human activities. This includes infrastructure to shield from environmental conditions, generate energy, facilitate mobility and communication. Construction of such infrastructure is aimed at using in-situ resources and reducing the use of supplies from Earth. The establishment and maintenance of the required infrastructure, equipment and hardware involves the development of adequate manufacturing techniques, which can enable maximal use of the local resources. Those techniques can be based on processing of local materials into construction materials, extraction of useful elements from local materials or combination with materials brought from Earth. The required manufacturing techniques address the range of needs for sustained human activities, from smaller scale manufactured items to large constructed structures. The design of such structures is associated to a number of space systems engineering challenges, ranging from the accurate definition of all resource budgets (mass, volume, power, data) to the design of the interfaces between all sub-systems making use of these resources. Consideration is given to the characteristics of the interplanetary spacecraft used to transport the required material from Earth to the final site, and the associated mass and volume constraints. This Spool CpA #4 issue investigates challenges of designing, engineering, constructing, and operating off-Earth infrastructure.

Deadline for submitting abstracts is September 15th 2020.

Eds. Henriette Bier (ABE-TUD), Angelo Cervone (AE-TUD), and Advenit Makaya (ESA)