Collaborative Map Generation – Survey and Architecture Proposal


  • Stefan Edelkamp TU Dortmund
  • Damian Sulewski TU Dortmund
  • Francisco C. Pereira University of Coimbra
  • Hugo Costa University of Coimbra



Map Making, Map Aggregation, Collaborative Map Generation System, Transport and Urban management, Algorithms


In this chapter, we intend to present the map making state-of-the-art and discuss current and future prospects for the development of an automated methodology for map aggregation that takes into account the need for integration of mobility data and the social networking trend, which we believe will eventually become the main source of geographical maps. This will allow us to abstract a general architecture for a Collaborative Map Generation System and discuss in some detail the technical challenges for each module (and its current solutions).

In doing so, we hope to show that as a very relevant and desirable ‘side effect’, a set of algorithms must be developed that will help with regard to those Transport and Urban management tasks referred to above. We address filtering, map matching, update and aggregation, steps for the construction of the maps, and some efficient algorithms and data structures that are used to compress, process and query the map once generated.

Author Biographies

Stefan Edelkamp, TU Dortmund

Stefan Edelkamp works as a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Dortmund, Department of Computing Science.

Damian Sulewski, TU Dortmund

Damian Sulewski works as a researcher at the University of Dortmund, Department of Computing Science, Germany.

Francisco C. Pereira, University of Coimbra

Francisco C. Pereira works as assistant professor at the University of Coimbra, Department of Informatics Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology.

Hugo Costa, University of Coimbra

Hugo Costa Neves Pais de Faria is as a bachelor student at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Sciences and Technology.