IPIC2023 Special issue in JSCMS: Physical Internet


The vision of Physical Internet (PI) has gone through a strong maturing process since its conception (Montreuil, 2011), both in terms of its practical articulation and scientific grounding. The first review studies (Sternberg and Norrman, 2017; Pan et al., 2017) interpreted the scientific contributions from a policy and industry perspective, helping to direct the research agenda. A strongly practice-inspired R&D agenda was presented in ALICE (2020), focusing on the transportation functions of the PI network. Recent scientific reviews explicitly link the PI system concepts to its founding disciplines: industrial engineering (IE) and supply chain management (SCM). Typical examples of these works are Treiblmaier et al. (2020), Pan et al. (2021), Chen et al. (2022), Nguyen et al. (2022), and Cortés-Murcia et al. (2022). Together these PI innovation agendas have helped to involve IE and SCM researchers outside the PI community and have promoted the bundling of global R&D efforts into converging streams of work.  

In light of these developments, Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS) calls for submissions for a special issue of the journal, linking PI innovations to well-known areas of research in the fields of IE and SCM, and presenting advances in:

  • Support tools for decision-making, real-time information processing, data sharing, quality management and contracting;
  • Digitalization and automation of control functions with new technologies (control towers, digital twins, IoT) leading to self-organizational properties of systems;
  • Decision areas such as network and service design, routing and scheduling, synchromodal transport, warehouse and inventory management.

Authors of papers presenting at the International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC2023) are encouraged to submit their full research papers for publication in this special issue. Note that the call is also open for papers not presented at IPIC2023, that fall within the scope described.

Papers will undergo a two-stage review process: a desk review by the issue editor to benchmark against overall quality standards and a detailed scientific (double-blind) review. We foresee the publication of the first papers in the winter issue of 2023. We kindly invite you to submit your manuscript by 30th ofSeptember 2023, noting Special Issue IPIC 2023 in your cover letter.

Journal of Supply Chain Management Science (JSCMS) is a young, non-commercial, fully open-access journal without author processing charges or charges to readers. It carries out high-quality reviews within acceptable times (one-month review rounds) without compromising quality. Detailed information and guidelines for submission can be found here: https://journals.open.tudelft.nl/jscms


Guest Editors:

Prof.dr. Lóránt Tavasszy, Delft University of Technology

Dr. Mahnam Saeednia, Delft University of Technology



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