EURAS Conference 2023: introduction to the special issue


  • Kai Jacobs Technical University Aachen
  • Filippo Grillo



This special issue presents peer-reviewed papers from the 2023 EURAS/SIIT conference on 'Responsible Standardisation for Smart Systems'. The event, held in Aachen, Germany, featured 18 papers across seven sessions, along with panels, keynotes, and workshops. The special issue includes a report of the conference and three peer-reviewed papers. Topics covered are the historical functions of standards, the relationship between certificates for minimum quality and patent applications at the country level, and the importance of reference implementations in ICT standards for open source software, among others. These papers offer insights into various aspects of standardisation, such as its history, its impact on innovation, and the importance of a flexible standardisation process.




How to Cite

Jacobs, K., & Grillo, F. (2024). EURAS Conference 2023: introduction to the special issue. Journal of Standardisation, 3(2).