Delta Challenges and Nature-based Solutions in Dialogue
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Sustainable transitions
Nature-based Solutions
Societal challenges

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van Nieuwaal, K., Frantzeskaki, N. ., & Cohen-Shacham, E. . (2022). Delta Challenges and Nature-based Solutions in Dialogue. Journal of Delta Urbanism, (3).


The delta areas had been significant for human development.The environmental degradation and the climate change are one of the multiple pressures experienced by urban deltas such as groundwater extractions, land subsidence affecting the provision of ecosystem services that pose extra risk in the livelihoods of the local as well on the global populations living in these areas. Nature-based solutions have proved their potential to counteract some of these pressures. The following talk brings to the fore an interdisciplinary take on the potential, the value as well as the challenges encompassed in designing, planning and governing nature-based solutions for urban deltas. 

This dialogue is the transcription of a series of interviews from the guest editors, Veronica Zagare and Diego Sepulveda with the authors, held during October/November 2022.
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