Writingplace journal presentation


October 2018


We are happy to announce the presentation of the first two issues of the Writingplace Journal for Architecture and Literature. soon in Delft:

October 23, 2018 Berlage room 1, 15.30-18.00 
Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft
Julianalaan 134
2628 BL Delft
Presentations by editors and authors, including: Klaske Havik, Susana Oliveira, Jacob Voorthuis, Mark Proosten and Kris Pint.
Issue 1:Literary Methods in Architectural education
Issue 2:Inscription: Tracing place. History and Memory in Architectural and Literary Practice
The Writingplace journal is a peer reviewed, open access journal, made possible by NWO Kiem, NAi010 Publishers and TUDelft Open.
The second issue will be online by October 23rd.