Behavioral patterns and profiles of electricity consumption in dutch dwellings

  • Merve Bedir TU Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Emre Can Kara Stanford University


Having investigated the determinants of electricity consumption in relation to household and dwelling characteristics, Chapter 6 provides a closer look at the behavioral patterns of household appliance use and electricity consumption. The OTB sample was used to conduct correlation and factor analysis.

This Chapter deals with the Research Question III-2 of this thesis:

(Chapter 1, Section 3, pg. 16-17)

“ III. What are the behavioral patterns and profiles of energy consumption? The sub-question is: What are the behavioral patterns of electricity consumption? How do they relate to the household characteristics, revealing behavioral profiles? “

The research reported in this Chapter was conducted by Bedir. The data was collected by a questionnaire prepared by Guerra Santin and Bedir, using OTB’s means of data collection. The analysis was done, and the paper was written by Bedir. The co-author (E.C. Kara) commented on methodology of the research. The co-author has given his permission to include the paper in the thesis.

This study was published in Energy and Buildings: Bedir, M. Kara, E.C. “Behavioral Patterns and Profiles of Electricity Consumption in Dutch Dwellings” Energy and Buildings, Available online 12 June 2017, http://dx.doi. org/10.1016/j.enbuild.2017.06.015

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